Who is Roland Durand?

Two fashion driven entrepreneurs that saw a gap in the market, the demand for high quality unisex accessories that come at affordable luxury prices. Mix and match your bracelets with your daily unique look, you don’t feel like wearing gold with your jeans? Wear a back and blue bracelet. Going out on the town in your new car and gold watch, match it with our gold and alligator bracelet.  
We want people to embrace their different mood and styles with different accessories based on that day’s particular style choice. The inspiration comes from the circle of life, everything repeats itself, the good time and the bad times. Especially good fashion and great sense of style. Wearing Roland Durand accessories will remind you of a different time, a time when class was more than just a word, it was a statement.

Roland Durand Stockholm Bracelets

"I wanted to create something timeless that matches any outfit, whether its casual or black tie, Roland Durand is perfect for any occasion."

Founded by Mats Johansson in Sweden, the name Roland Durand comes from Mats great grandfather who was an avid motorsport racer and tennis player. 

 “ I want to create products that speak to people, that are easily understood, loved and used.” 

Designer Roger Johansson is the creative force in Roland Durand

Each Roland Durand bracelet is made by hand. Skilled craftsmen braid the leather and pair it with a solid piece of highly polished brass or stainless steel.